Say the words “Army wife,” and what often comes to mind is the image of a teary-eyed woman running to hug her returning combat soldier husband or a caricature based on a slickly produced reality TV show. But what is life really like for an Army wife? What does she really experience?

Tori Eversmann, wife of retired First Sergeant Matt Eversmann, the soldier who inspired the lead character in the movie Black Hawk Down, has captivating stories of her time as an Army wife and its aftermath in the post-9/11 world. Amid adversity, Tori worked tirelessly as a single parent, a cheerleader for her husband’s wounded men at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, and as a conduit of information from the front lines during her husband’s 15-month deployment in the Iraq war, all to keep her and the other Army wives afloat. She also knows that life after the military isn’t easy on transitioning families who face a 10% unemployment rate. As she sees it, after 13 years of war, it’s not all about the welcome home ceremonies, flag-flying events, and parades. The civil-military divide needs to be addressed so our society can take conscious steps towards creating big changes.

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